Natural Male Enhancement: 4 Effective Methods for Men

Natural Male Enhancement: 4 Effective Methods for Men

Enhancing Your Member the Natural Way

Natural male enhancement photo

Natural male enhancement photo

Guys, admit it. You’ve always wanted a bigger and longer lasting penis like what you see in adult videos.

But how many of you are willing to go through that scary process of surgery just to increase your size? Penile enlargement surgery can be very expensive and risky at the same time Plus, there is no guarantee that your member will work the same because of the risks associated with it.

The good news is, there are different natural male enhancement techniques that may give you bigger and harder erections and keep you on your tippy toes in the bedroom. Aside from making your partner happy, these methods may offer tangible results and give you the confidence of ruling the sheets.

Natural Enhancer No. 1: Losing Weight

If you are on the heavier side, then losing weight shoul help make your size look bigger. According to a urologist in Beverly Hills, most men who think they are small down there are overweight.

By losing weight, the shaft, which is hidden under the belly fat, may be revealed. Therefore, your member will look bigger and longer.But for those men who prefer surgical procedures, it is advisable to undergo liposuction around the penis area penile exercise to make it look bigger .

However, this method does not permanently increase your size. Rather, it will only make it look longer and keep you on the healthier, less heavy side.

Natural Enhancer No. 2: A Healthy Lifestyle

Remember that a healthy heart is good for your sexual health since the penis works with the amount of blood circulating around it. Therefore, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle through exercise and proper diet. Cardiovascular exercises such as running, biking or swimming are a good way to pump your heart and keep it in shape. It can also help boost libido and keeps you prepared as you go to bed. Proper diet is another key to effective male enhancement.

Aside from keeping your body properly nourished, a good diet can increase blood flow to the penis, keeping your manhood up and boosting your performance. Bananas, chilli, eggs, Omega-3 rich foods, pork and peanuts are some of your healthy options for natural male enhancement foods. Getting rid of bad habits can also enhance your male member. Alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs contain ingredients that can be harmful to the blood vessels. This can also lead to limpness and reduction of sexual drive and sexual health.

Natural Enhancer No. 3: Natural Male Enhancement Pills

One of the most common options resorted to by most males is the use of best natural male enhancement pills These type of pills help to increase your size and at the same time, work as a supplement.

Male enhancement pills are herbal products designed to promote better performance in the bedroom. Legitimate companies offer pills made of natural herbs and ingredients such as:

  • Asian red ginseng
  • Horny goat weed
  • Saw Palmetto Berry
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Muira Pauma

However, there are a lot of people concerned about the safety and effectiveness of using this type of products. Some argue that natural male enhancement pills do not produce an effect on your manhood area while there are many others who can prove that enhancement pills work. The truth is, it depends on the product you will use.

There are a lot of fly-by-night companies who send countless emails, claiming that their products will increase your size and boost your performance in bed. However, such claims are not supported by evidence or clinical study. One product that really works is the VigRX Plus best male enhancement pills. It contains some of the following ingredients which are proven safe and effective for male sexual health:

  • Bioperine
  • Damiana, an aphrodisiac used by men for centuries
  • Epimedium Leaf Extract
  • Ginkgo Leaf
  • Catuaba Bark Extract

Aside from the all-natural ingredients, VigRX Plus is backed up by a clinical study, in which men who used VigRX Plus for 82 days reported increases for maintaining erection, sex drive and overall sexual satisfaction.

Natural Enhancer No. 4: Penile Exercises

There are different natural male enhancement herbs techniques purported to make your size look bigger. One exercise is through stretching. While in its flaccid state, weights will be placed on your penis in order to stretch it a few inches. However, it takes a while before the results will occur and prolonged use of weights can cause tear on the tissues or burst the blood vessels.

This is a dangerous practice and one best avoided.

Another exercise is jelqing. This is done by holding your penis firmly at the base and slowly sliding it to the tip of the shaft. You can also do this by holding the base of your member using your left hand and sliding your right hand down the shaft until both hands meet. It may sound easy but there are a lot of complications that may occur when you choose this method. So, you must be very cautious.

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