My girlfriend broke up with me because of my penile deviation and curvature

My girlfriend broke up with me because my penis is deviated and curved. I am an Asian man and this humiliated me. She didn’t say it out loud about my penile deviation and curvature but I knew this reason for sure. She wasn’t satisfied when we made love. She had rarely attained an orgasm. I tried very hard to perform well but she wasn’t satisfied. It is all about my born-curved penis.

Again, I am Chinese and I felt insulted when she left me because of this. I was so sad when she broke up with me. I had been searching for a tool to correct my penis. I even contacted a doctor about penis surgery. Finally, I found out the Vimax Extender system. I kept reading and decided to give it a try. Within 6 months of wearing this penis device, it worked for me. My penis goes straight and upward in erection. In the past, even when I was in erect, the penis head curved downward. Now, it is straight. I admitted that this device corrected about 80% of my penile? deviation and curvature.

I am writing some reviews about this penis device. The Vimax Extender system has been popular on the world because it can correct penile deviations and curvatures. This penis extender has been tested and studied by specialists to ensure its results. Vimax Extender is one of the most effective penis enlargement system that recommended for men.

Many doctors recommends about this system for their patients. There are some results about this. Vimax Extender can correct your penis if it is not straight. Your penis does not go to the straight and forward point. It also helps about the shape of your penis. Your penile curvature will make you feel uncomfortable so this system will help you for that. The most important result you get from this system is the penis enlargement. You can get a few extra inches by using this extender.

In the past, men go for surgery to correct their penile deviations and curvatures or even lengthen the size. This is expensive and not safe because of unpleasant effects. Today Vimax Extender is a doctor-approved penis extender that offer the best possible result. It is a good tool in treating Peyronie’s disease. It helps to correct up to 80% in penile deviations and curvatures. It reduces during the sexual intercourse if you feel uncomfortable about your penis. And, it gives you self confidence and the beautiful penile image.

The Vimax Extender penis enlargement is recommended by urologists for treating penile curvature and increase the size for men. It has been developed by a reputable company to help men get the maximum result. It makes your dream come true. No surgery needed. Nowadays the Vimax Extender system is the solution for your penis.

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Small Penis Size – Is There A Sexual Problem With Tiny Penis

Millions of men are concerned and worried about their Small Penis Size that they cannot perform well in the bedroom. Most of men are not satisfied with their own penises even though they are 6’5 inches in erection, which is the average for guys. Generally speaking, men are more concerned about their penis size than women. This is the result that they lack of self confidence in sex. It will result in stopping you from fully enjoying the sexual performance.

SizeGeneticsMost of these guys have watched too much adult movies. When they look at the penis of male porn stars, they feel shamed and embarrassed because most of these porn stars are like 9 or 10 inches long. Don’t compare yours with them. Most of these male porn stars have larger and longer than average penis size. Also, the technology of the camera angles play can make the penis longer and bigger too. For example, a male actor is 9 inches, the camera angles can play to make it looks like 11 inches long. Most of young men have been watching these movies and think that their penises are inadequate, which is not right. What you see from these male porn stars is not 100% real.

When you to go to these male locker rooms and see other guys, this is the real life. You can compare yours with them. Are you on average, like 6’5 inches? If you are that average size, then you are fine. It is recommended that you don’t compare your penis size with other guys. I suggest that you stand naked in front of a big mirror and look at yourself, what do you see? Your penis is big and long, right? That is good.

Another thing is that it also depends on your female partner. Does she think your penis is ok? Has she attained multiple orgasms in each session so far? Is she satisfied with your sexual performance? If you answer yes to these above questions, then you are perfectly fine.

Moreover, many men use natural Herbal Male Enhancement Pills to Enlarge Penis Size and erection size to 2 or 3 inches, I don’t know what for?

Get A Bigger Penis? Male Enlarging Pills Or Exercises?

Thousands of men want to get a bigger penis size wonder whether they should take Male Enlargement Pills or exercise. Many men have an average sized penis probably thought at least once in their life, about how to get a larger penis. Nothing is wrong with such a thought because they want to perform better in the bedroom and gain a greater self confidence in front of their sexual partners. That’s the first impression to turn on their partner. However, there are two things to enlarge penis size, by male enlargement pills and exercises.

Vimax vs VigRX Plus

Penis Enlargement Exercises

Penis enlarging exercises (or Jelqing) have been popular from the ancient Arabia. By that time, almost married guys practice Jelqing to enlarge their penises. In this exercise, they basically massage the penis for 10 to 30 minutes. In other words, you stretch your penis down, up, straight, left and right. This penis enlargement exercise can help you gain extra inches to the length and girth. You pull and stretch the penis to expand the cells in the tissues, which result in a bigger and fuller penis. It is recommended that you do not apply too much pressure on the penis.

Vimax reviews

Penis Enlarging Pills

Penis Enlargement Pills are by far the most effective and convenient way to enlarge your little man. By taking one or two pills a day, you will get a bigger and longer penis, plus rock hard erections on demand. These penis pills are made of herbal aphrodiacs and leaf extracts that increase a man’s libido and erectile strength. Penis enlarging pills will help to increase blood flow to the penis tissues which result in bigger penis during erection. Most of these male enlargement pills also help to increase a man’s semen volume and treat premature ejaculation.

So, penis exercises or pills, which one is more effective? If you really want to get a bigger penis permanently to impress your partner and perform better in the bedroom, then it is recommended that you take Male Enlargement Products along with doing the penis exercises (Jelqing).

Male Enlargement Devices & Extenders – Penis Size

Looking for the best male enlargement devices to enlarge penis size is not an easy task. If you buy a bad penis extender, then you won’t get any result. To purchase a good one, you have to read male enlargement device reviews to learn each product then make the decision to buy one. Thousands and even millions of guys from every corner of the world are shy of their average size of about 6’5 inches, they don’t know that today’s science can help them change it. 


Al right, let’s go to the point here. 

How big can you change your penis size?

If you hear the myth about some advertisements online that promise you to gain 5 to 10 inches within a year or so, then you know they are fake. No way, that’s not true. It depends on how your penile bone and overall body size. On average, men can gain up to 25% extra of their penis size in length and girth within 6 months. In other words, if you are 6’5 inches now, then you can get 8.125 inches in 6 months. Another 6 months, you can gain some extra inches added to that size. The longer you wear the penis enlargement device is the bigger your penis is.

Men are not happy with their penis size. As we live on this modern century, women have watched too many porn movie stars and they eager to have a male partner to make love like that male porn star. Guys, what do you say? Luckily, today’s science can help you change your penis length and girth. Also, women are generally more turned on by a bigger penis. Size does matter. A woman enjoys sex more if her partner has a longer, fuller and thicker penis. In other words, a 9 inch penis is much more preferable for women than a 6’5 inch penis.

Penis size also affects the confidence in bed. If you just carry an average size of 6’5 inches in erection, then you are not special. However, a man who wears a penis extender for 2 years and gets a 8’5 inch penis size, it is different, he can ‘Woh!’ her on bed.

Penis Enlargement Devices

Penis enlargement device is an official medical traction device to help men lengthen and enlarge the penis. The penis extender is usually designed to be small and can fit any penis size. You feel very comfortable to wear this device anytime, even at work.

To learn more, please visit our website to read reviews on each penis enlargement device. Thanks.

Do Herbal Penis Enlargement Pills Really Work?

You are the man who has been quietly suffering about your small or short penis size, which result in poor performance in bed, and you are wondering if herbal penis enlargement pills really work or not. To tell you the truth, herbal penis enhancement pills work for men in different results. You have to search for the best pill to get the maximum results. Some of questions you should bear in mind when surfing for best natural herbal enhancement supplements are safety, results, and side effects. You don’t want to take Viagra pills because of unpleasant side effects like headaches, vision loss, stomachaches, etc. That’s why you are looking for an all-natural herbal male enlargement pills.

VigRX Plus Vimax

Herbal male enhancing supplements are those pills that formulated from herbs to increase blood flow to the penis and increase your sex drive. What you really gain is a rock hard erection so you can perform better in sex. These herbal sexual pills will improve your sexual life which result in a satisfactory partner. You want to see her lasting smile on the face, don’t you? Then you must find a solution. A bigger, fuller, and harder penis will help you to touch most of sensitive areas to help your partner attain multiple orgasms in each session.

So, are you quietly suffering about small penis or weak erection? Are you quietly suffering because of premature ejaculation problem? Try a herbal penis enlargement pill today to gain a greater confidence in bed. These penis enhancement pills help to increase erection size and when you exercise your penis as instructed by each pill company, you will get a permanent penis enlargement, with an alpha male plus on demand.

For reference, two top herbal penis enlargement pills on the market today are Vimax and VigRX Plus.

Enlarge Penis Size With Male Enlargement Pills

There are thousands of men who are suffering about small penis size because they could not get the confidence in bed. Luckily, male enlargement pills can enlarge penis size without side effects.  Imagine this scenario: a survey is conducted among a group of 1000 men on the 5 most coveted things in a man’s life. The survey could throw up many things that men covet like money, sports car, and women and so on. However, one must not be surprised if an enlarged penis features in the list of the most coveted things. Men get a high enthusiasm when their partners in the bed appreciate them and a note of appreciation can really do wonders for their self-confidence. No wonder then, that the size of penis commands a great deal of importance in a man’s life.

Why would men typically do just about anything to have an enlarged penis? There are both physical and psychological reasons. Typically, an enlarged penis is seen as the sign of a man who has the ability to give the highest degree of pleasure and satisfaction to his partner. This is believed to be a macho thing and men derive immense pleasure and confidence in its possession.

There has been a deluge of penis enlargement solutions (more specifically, male enhancement pills such as VigRX Plus or Vimax) in the market. The promoters of these solutions expectedly cry hoarse extolling the virtues of these. There have been two schools of thought that have engaged in continuous debate over the merits and demerits of these solutions. Naturally, one school of thought endorses these solutions while the other dismisses these as marketing gimmicks which can do more harm than good to men. While the supporters of the male enhancement pill maintain that these pills can genuinely enlarge the penis size, the detractors maintain that these pills contain harmful substances.

Let us examine these claims and counterclaims more closely. Let us first understand what causes the penis to enlarge. One of the reasons penis can get enlarged is the flow of blood in to the penis chamber. There are indeed certain pills available in the market that can help the penis to enlarge by supplying a constant flow of blood to the penis chamber. These pills contain an active substance known as Apigenin that can stimulate the flow of blood to the penis chambers to a large extent. Additionally, these pills can also contain Vitamin C which, when combined with blood, can really work up a magic.

However, one has got to complement the intake of the pills with exercises. The exercises are typically prescribed in the packets of the pills and one must religiously follow the regimen prescribed. One must also bring fundamental changes in the lifestyle by either reducing or quitting smoke altogether.

The penis enlargement pills are known to benefit many men all over the world and they indeed have some basis. However, considering the composition of the pills, one must exercise caution before taking them. It is advised to take the pills only after one has consulted one’s physician who can take a stock of one’s medical condition and prescribe pills accordingly.

So, male enlargement pills such as Vimax and VigRX Plus are the solution to increase penis size and sexual behavior.

Do male enhancement pills really work

It is a debatable question as to whether male enhancement pills really work? There are innumerable men who wish that they had an enlarged penis as that would increase their self confidence in leaps and bounds. Other than an enlarged penis, there are other problems to which men hope to achieve a desirable solution to. They want to solve problems related with impotence, premature ejaculation, and fertility among others.

It is the natural wish of every man to be sexually active so that he can lead a sexually satisfying life with his partner. There is a great demand for products that are related with penis pills which in turn has led to increased production of male enhancement products, which guarantees success in the field of penis enlargement.

It is better to beware, at the very onset that the main thing that male enhancement pills ensure is greater blood flow to the genitals. It is thus better not to expect too much from these products or you could be disappointed. These products use natural herbs to ensure that the finest aphrodisiac is prepared. These ingredients help not only in directing increased blood flow to your genitals but also to rejuvenate your libido and also raise the levels of testosterone.

Male enhancement pills cannot assure you of fantastic results if they are used independently, but if you pair them with regular penis exercises, you will notice a distinct change .Penis exercises help in magnifying the erectile tissue by means of tissue expansion so that it is rendered capable of gathering more blood. Greater blood flow results in a bigger penis size during the time of erection. The rate at which this growth is experienced differs from person to person.

There are certain illustrated exercises of the penis that are an integral part of the penis enhancement pack that combines the best features of the pills and the exercises .These male enhancement pills are prepared from herbal ingredients, which are powerful aphrodisiacs and they are proven in clinical terms, of not ensuring any side effects from using these pills.

There are few men in this world that would not like to have a harder penis that ensures that they can sustain erections for a long time and satisfy their partners. By using natural penis enhancement pills, you are assured of a performance of a lifetime, as your penis is harder and more capable of sustaining an erection for a longer period of time. It is better to opt for male enhancement pills that are well-known as you can then be assured of good results, rather than trying out a new product that is just able to help you in sustaining an erection and that’s about it.

Male enhancement pills work in the context of enabling men to lead a more fulfilling sex life. By using these pills, you can assure your partner of an experience of a lifetime. Try these penis enhancement pills and you will notice the difference, in yourself and in your partner’s ecstasy.